25 basketball ballot

25 basketball ballot

If you drop every loser four or five (or more) spots, for instance, then you either 1) are left with blanks at the top of the ballot or 2) reward teams that don deserve to be rewarded.

For instance: No. 15 (my ballot) Oklahoma State was one of the few teams to win twice.

But just how high should the Cowboys climb for beating lowly Texas and mediocre Baylor?

If you move OSU above most of the higher ranked teams that lost, the Cowboys would jump into the top 10.

But did their results merit a ranking that high? Not in my mind.

I kept Indiana in the top spot after the Hoosiers lost in the final seconds at Illinois amazing finish and then won impressively at No. 9 (my ballot) Ohio State.wholesale nfl jerseys

Did the same with Michigan, keeping the Wolverines in the No. 2 position after they beat Ohio State and lost at Wisconsin (in overtime).

Close losses on the road don automatically warrant a slide down the ballot this week or any other week.

It tough to win on the road in league play, which is why the RPI is weighted to reward road wins and punish home losses.

Losing in OT in Madison doesn make the Wolverines any less of a team or, I argue, less deserving of their position on the ballot.

In fact, most of last week losers tumbled on the road, and several lost to ranked opponents.

The bad losses by teams in the top half of the ballot losses on the road to terrible teams or at home to unranked teams were limited to Kansas (at TCU) and Arizona (to Cal).

Yep: That was a bad loss for the Wildcats.

(There a difference between a bad team and a bad loss. Cal isn a bad team, but it was a bad loss for then No. 7 Arizona, which was at home and favored by 12.5 against an opponent that had struggled on the road and wasn within sniffing distance of the top 25.)

Removed from the ballot: Cincinnati, Creighton and New Mexico.

Added to the ballot: Illinois, Pittsburgh and Memphis.

I had not watched a Cal game since their loss to Stanford, but decided to check in last night. What a game for Cal and Crabbe. Not sure if Cal will even make the NIT but it was fun to watch the upset, in Tucson of all places. Unless Cal goes on a winning streak (unlikely with the LA and Oregon Schools), probably won check with Cal BB until the rematch with Stanford.

PS. Just saw the new GS Warriors jerseys, GOD AWFUL!!! It isn so much the t shirts instead of the tanktops, but the full yellow coloring with blue script is ugly. If the new jerseys were still royal blue with gold trim, it may have been acceptable!

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