29th year of the World War II roundtable series begins

29th year of the World War II roundtable series begins

Entering its 29th year, the roundtable that connects the present day to World War II era struggles and triumphs continues at Fort Snelling. The Dr. Harold C. Deutsch World War II History Round Table kicks off Sept. 17 and will continue through May 2016.

Formed in 1987, the group is named after the World War II historian who taught at the University of Minnesota. At the time, Deutsch wanted to start a discussion group that paralleled statewide gatherings, Patton said.

Finding World War II veterans who are able to attend the roundtables becomes more difficult every year, Patton said. Opportunities for the era’s stories to be shared and heard are dwindling.wholesale nfl jerseys
cheapnfljerseyfreeshipping He hopes residents take the time to learn from these first hand historians. Roosevelt, General George C. Marshall, War Secretary Henry Stimson and Admiral Ernest J. King.

Jordan will be part of the Thursday, Oct. 8 roundtable. He said he plans on discussing the Allied Force’s strategy from a perspective of “30,000 feet,” peppering the broad points with detailed anecdotes.

Those stories will help show how “a handful of personalities created that strategy and changed the character of America,” he said.

All four of those personalities brought particular skills and blind spots to the table, Jordan said. The diversity of those backgrounds was highlighted by Stimson’s war secretary role in World War II, according to Jordan. Stimson was a Republican who served under Republican presidents going back to the Theodore Roosevelt administration, Jordan said. That changed when he worked under Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jordan said.

“He took a huge political risk in serving in the cabinet of a liberal Democrat,” Jordan said. at the Fort Snelling Visitors Center)


Oct. 12 Presentation: “Dr. Harold C.

Jan. 14 Presentation: “Struggle on the Eastern Theater of Operations;” speakers: Dr.


March Presentation: “Mobilization of Industrial Machine of War Awakening the Giant;” speakers: Dr. Devers,” and veterans of Seventh Army.

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