Recovery Week After a Half Marathon

Finishing a half marathon is an enormous accomplishment that can take a toll on your body. Recovery after the experience depends on multiple factors, including the race course, your intensity, your training and your fitness level. wholesale nfl jerseys from china General guidelines can, however, help you determine how you should treat your body that first week post race.

Immediate Recovery begins when you cross the finish line. Hydrate and have a carbohydrate rich snack as soon as you can post race to help restore the energy stores in your muscles. Include 15 grams of protein in this post race snack to help facilitate recovery. Continue to drink water throughout the day and move around with mild walking. Sitting still will only encourage stiffness. Plan to do no exercise the day after your race, even if you feel fine. You’ve earned a day off.

Two to Three Days Post Race A massage may be just what your body needs on day two post race, especially if you have mild soreness. If this was your first race, you may choose to take a few more days off from exercise to let your muscles recover. You don’t have to be sedentary to rest. Recovery may include moderate intensity cross training exercises such as swimming, cycling or the elliptical trainer. Go for just 25 to 30 minutes in each session. Stretch after workouts and even attend a yoga class to aid recovery. You may be eager to run again, especially if you had a good experience, but give your body at least these few days off. Running on sore, tired legs increases your risk of injury.

Return to Running If you feel ready, you might try to fit in a short, easy paced jaunt on the fourth or fifth day after the race. Do just two to three miles at an easy pace. No need for speed drills or hill work you just want to test your running legs. Remember to still leave at least one rest day between workouts. Continue to stretch, do yoga and cross train in addition to or as an alternative to running. If you feel sore or tired, don’t push through.

Considerations After the first week of recovery, gradually reintroduce more mileage. Recovery may take as long as one day for every mile you ran, so continue to be careful with your body for at least two weeks. equipforball If you experienced an injury during training or your race, consult a doctor immediately. Do not hope that a couple days off will cure it, and definitely don’t run through pain. With more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, she coaches cycling and running and teaches Pilates and yoga. She is an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, RYT 200 and has degrees from Princeton and Columbia University.

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